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sniff , sniff !~

nose high up and start SNIFFING ! i do that a lot .. but don't be mistaken !~ i only do that when i am in a perfume shop or when i have a perfume in my hand , in my room !~ gosh how i really adore perfume ~ it is one of passion ; perfume !~ just give me a bottle of BE DELICIOUS ,  DKNY and i am your forever [ that is just a saying :) ]  why i like perfume so much ? it is quite embarrassing actually and i am not planning to tell why i like perfume so much . but i think most of who read this will probably wondering about it . well , let's just say that i  like good smelling thing . i am so obsessed with perfume so much  and whenever my mum want to go to a AVON , i will definitely tag along ..

anyway .. here's are some of my craves :)

Donna Karan Be Delicious Fresh Blossom [ wished to have this :(( ]

Celebre by Avon [ already have this one ! check !~]

Sweet Honesty by Avon

Dolly Girl Anna Sui :)

Fantasy by Britney Spears 

Japanese Cherry Blossom By The Body Shop 

Incanto Bloom
[ best perfume , in CLEO ]

Be Delicious By Donna Karan NY

if u wish to buy perfume thru online , just go to this site . it's quite cheap :)

yess ! i love perfume !~

p/s : OMG !~

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