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Marry me , Mary

i am so crazy about this drama !~ haha :)  it has been aired since last week ( if i am not mistaken ) and i really really really enjoyed it !~ for me , i rather classified this drama as a romance comedy . hehe .. i will download the whole episodes later  , FOR SURE !~ 
this story is about a young girl , Wi Mary which was played by Geun-Young who has a terrible financial problem and a father , Daehan who is an alcoholic . one day , when she was out with her friends , she suddenly hit a guy ( luckily he was okay ) that guy is a vocalist from  an rock band called Total Mugyeol , Mugyeol ( Jang Geun-Suk ) . the accident was the first time they met each other . to make sure that Mugyeol won't sue her , she followed him to anywhere that night to made him signed a deal . but he won't signed it , instead , he made her to drink with him and finally they got drunk and Mugyeol have to send her home . that was the starting point of their story :) then her father , Daehan met his old friend who has a son called Jeung In . His friend was looking a girl as his daugther in law . so both of them made a deal that Wi Mary will marry Jeung In after 100 days . during the period , Jeung In will have to win Mary's heart . Unfortunately , Mary told Jeung In that she already have a husband that is Mugyeol who is pretending to be her husband . still , Jeung In insisted on winning her heart !~ ( damn it ! so romantic !~) more ? watch the drama lerrr .. 

that is Mugyeol and Wi Mary ! KAWAII !~

MY FAVOURITE SCENE ! she was caught up between both of them !~

i really hope that she will stay with Mugyeol !~

she is so cute !~

p/s : hmmm .. let me reconsider ..

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