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The Nanny Fever :)

hey guys and girls out there ! how are you people ? i'm sure you guys are just fine . anyway , i can't help it but being super excited for tomorrow to come ! i am going out with my girls tomorrow ! yeay ! we have so much to do and so much to talk ! i can't wait to meet azza and chit chat with her all day ! plus , i really need to go out of the house . some days i just want to escape from the house and just have fun with myself and my friends :) i already prepared my bag and all the things that i think i will need to tag along . oh ! and my pinky camera to capture the moment frozen forever ! photos tomorrow okay ? but today , we will be talking about ...... THE NANNY !~

 YES ! THE NANNY ! what ? you don't know what is THE NANNY ? THE SUPER-INCREDIBLE-AND-INDISPUTABLY-THE-GREATEST-SHOW-EVER ?  let me introduce you a bit about this show okay ??

you know the one thing that makes me want to watch television ,
the reason why i need to sit in front of the tv before 6 pm ,
the reason why i never got tired of watching the same thing all over again ,
is because of the show called The Nanny .

yes . this show . haha ;p 
i was born on the year of 94 and this show was first made its appearance on 3rd November 1993 . it was like a year back then . 
still this show ROCKS TILL NOW . 

the cast of this show is . . . 

the main role of the show which made this show superbbbb is Fran Drescher . she played the character of Fran Fine , the nanny :)

Charles Shaughnessy as Maxwell Sheffield , her employer who eventually became her husband :))

Lauren Lane as Cece Babcock , Maxwell Sheffield's business associate :) she has been trying to get his attention but unfortunately , Sheffield didn't see her that way . 

Niles the butler . the most appealing character in the show besides Fran Drescher and Charles Shaughnessy :) he and his sarcastic humor . hahaha ;p

Nicholle Tom , Maxwell first daughter :) she's gorgeous you know :)

Benjamin Salisbury , the second child and the only son of Sheffield family . he's cute ^^

and of course , the last child , the apple of everyone's eyes in the show , Madeline Zima :) she's awesome and adorable :)

so this show basically about a bubbly woman who worked at a bridal shop together along with her best friend , Val Toriello and her boyfriend , Danny . then Danny told her to stop seeing each other and fired her on the spot to make her position available for his new girlfriend , Heather Biblow . She started to sell cosmetics from door to door when she eventually knocked on the door of Sheffield's residence . She was then hired as their new nanny to 3 children ; Maggie Sheffield , Brighton Sheffield and Grace Sheffield . Also served Maxwell Sheffield was Niles the butler who soon became Fran's best friend :) and Maxwell's business partner , Cece Babcock who had a thing for him for ages . that was the starting point of Fran's amazing life began , from her first meeting with Maxwell Sheffield until she finally married him :)

it was a great show , i promised you unless you are the person who disliked English drama then what a loss . hahaha :p

that's all i guess . to watch the first episode , go to this link : HERE LOVE :)

p/s : cant wait cant wait !~ hahaha ;p


  1. i love this show i try to watch it everyday!!

  2. this is a great website , i always wondered what frans name was and mr shefeild. thanks

  3. hey anonymous , thanks for the compliment and it's great that we shared the same interest :)))))