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the 400th Post

hello may ♥ 
it's a beautiful 1st May and not forgetting , happy labor day :)) 
and as everyone know , we all are hoping so that this month will be better than the previous month that we have been through :)

In April , it has been a great month :) plus it's my birthday month so yeah , i am quite pleased :) so far April has offer me comfort and awesome experiences . of course there were ups and downs that i encountered along my path but Alhamdulillah , praise to Him , Allah SWT , i can still manage everything and not losing grip on everything . 

well , as much as i love April , it's time for April to set down and give way to May . plus, May is the month of Spring :) so hopefully my life will blossom beautifully :) and i am just so jumpy to know what's waiting for me in May :) 

so hopefully my life will bloom into a better shape :) 
may my life will be more organized , better and exciting :) 
so please MAY , be good to me ? 

so that day i went out for a lunch date with my family to celebrate my birthday . although this year i didn't get the chance to eat my birthday cake , i guess a lunch date will be fine too .  there's no pictures taken , only my pictures in the hotel bathroom , camwhoring of course .so yeah , that was what i wore that day . a pink cardigan , my favourite jeans , my long black singlet and my kinda-peach hijab . oh yeah ! i also wore my super big floral ring and my favourite bangle . 

the lunch date was decent , nothing too extravagant but still okay . we actually have to wait half an hour for the food because there are just too many people eating at the same place . so yeah , it was okay . i did enjoy the black pepper beef . it was delish . 

and because of today is the first day of May , i decided to give my blog a new look :) so ta da . again , it's not gorgeous but it's just simple just the way i want it to be :)  so i guess that's all :) will updated more after this :) 

p/s : i forgot about the interview ! i'll update about that soon :) I am so craving for cheese cake right now :( 

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