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Happy News

hey everyone ! whoa .. i haven't been blogging for .. i don't know , a decade ago ? haha :) so tonight i am kinda not lazy so i want to blog about some of my life updates .

so my previous previous post was about my interview on Diploma in Mass Communication . it was nerve racking although i believed i did my best  to present my true self to the interview panels . so that day , UPU result has came out and the result is ....

alhamdullilah , i got an offer to further my study in the course that i've applied to . ( and went to an interview for) . so i checked on the UITM student admission page the day after and guess which campus i got .  . . 

i got an offer from UITM Melaka . urmm , it wasn't as i expected but it is still a good thing :) the good thing is that i have a brother who is currently studying in Malacca , so i guess it will be okay to have someone i know there . sadly saying , i am the only one from the cluster of my friends :p who is going to Malacca . Adi , Sazlan and Wafa would be going to UM . Syarifah would be in  UTP . Azza and Ninie were in Matriks . Helen would be in UITM Puncak Alam . what a sad thing for us to part this way . Zie would be going to MMC in Kuching . Mar were now in UNISEL . Fazz and Zyma were in Matriks . Tyrah would be going to UNIMAS .

everyone seems so busy in their own life . handling their life , managing and organizing . same goes to me . busy handling all the changes happening in my life . so sadly saying (again) , this is my last week in MIRI . i can't believe how 6 months just passed by so fast . it was as if i just finished my last SPM paper yesterday .

although this is heartbreaking , but it is not stoppable . we need to keep moving forward or else we will be left behind with nothing to offer but our regrets . so i will be going to Melaka soon :(( will be doing my diploma for 3 years in Melaka before i move to the main campus ( i guess in Shah Alam )

i guess i will be seeing you guys laterrr :)) more updates will come slowly . insyaAllah :)) 

p/s : i don't care about your friend . 

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