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Interview For Diploma In Mass Communication

hey there . what a fine day today :)) although it rained this morning , it still doesn't spoiled the day :)

so that day , i got a text saying that i should checked my interview status in their admission website . so i immediately turned on my laptop , typed in the link given in the message and there was an announcement stated "SEMAKAN PANGGILAN TEMUDUGA BAGI PROGRAM DIPLOMA........" *something like that* . 

so i checked my name and booooommmmm ! i got the interview ! 

yes , diploma in mass communication .

i was so excited after reading this . Allah knows how happy i was . i am just this close to fulfill my desire to further my studies in this course . this is what i have decided for . the problem is , i checked the interview calling at 11 April . the interview was on Sunday , April the 15th ! so my mum immediately booked us a flight to Kuching since it took place in UITM Samarahan .

so here's some pictures that i took during that day .

my flight ticket . on my birthday :( 

yeayyyy .. the next day , sunday . on the way to UITM . our driver of the day was our Uncle Ajan .


the entrance of UITM . hmmm still under construction . 

the main attraction of UITM . well , because it's the first building you'll see when entering UITM . 

yeayyy ! i am a UITM student ! hehehe :) insyaAllah :) 

all the awards they received . wow . 

nice aite ? they said that this is their youth floor . 

someday .. 

one more pics before i am off to the interview which located at the Block G

there were several interviews went on that day . interview for architecture(i think), TESL and MassCom . but only 7 people who attended the interview . it was supposed to be more than that but i didn't know why . so before we went for an individual interview , we had to take a test . essay to be more precise . the essay questions were basically asking about what , how and why you take masscom . so it's kinda okay to tackle .  after that , the interview session came after . and to make me more nervous , i was the second person to go . but so far it was okay , for me . hopefully they would accept me into their university . so after the interview , i went to THE SPRING . BUT UNFORTUNATELY , I DIDN'T SHOP ANYTHING SINCE I DDIN'T HAVE ANY BUDGET . T.T 

the spring .i like this thing . 

so considering all the stores in The Spring is just wayyyyyyyyyy off my budget , we decided to hang out at the food court ~! yeayyyy !

hot plate :)) i forgot what was the name of this dish but it was delish :) 

so goodbye kuching ! i have came to Kuching with high hopes so hopefully my return to Miri will give me good news :) insyaAllah :)

p/s : Ya Allah . Astaghfirullahalazim :( 


  1. Haiii! Pleased to see you on here! :D Goodluck for UiTM aite :) And I love love love love Yiruma! :D

  2. thanks kak aisya ! kannn ??? yiruma mmg best gilerrr !

  3. hey i just read this post , and may i ask what were the questions that they interviewed you ? by any chance you're willing to share ? :) i know this is an old post , but yeah ~

  4. dear anonymous. I am so sorry for being so late in replying your comments. as for your inquiries, they asked us to write an essay about my knowledge about mass communication. during the interview, they do not have any particular sets of questions but they will ask you about your essay too. it was meant to be a casual interview. hehe:D are you applying for this course too ? if you do i hope that you will succeed :D