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Pride And Prejudice


and yes . i am indeed the admirer of Jane Austen's incredible work of art ; her novels . her inspirations , her imaginations are so inspiring and breath-taking , let alone her language wise and her story telling skill . she was just such an incredible writer , her story touches everyone hearts and reveal each reader's hidden desire to live up the same story .

and one of her novel that has ever grown a fondness in my heart is her PRIDE AND PREJUDICE . if you ask me , i believe that PRIDE AND PREJUDICE is the sweetest love story ever been written . hurrmm titanic ? well , titanic was great but not a big fan . truth to be told .

how can you resist such a delicious love story ? the famous first line of this story

 "It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife."

a guy who has all the possession he needs will always in need of a presence of a woman in his life .
but in this story , it is twisted between a woman who lack of fortune and a man who are wealthy yet are so proud of himself and haughty . they never knew that they were actually the perfect pair of soulmates , the perfect fit for each other , before they hated each other .

the characters that i have mentioned were Miss Elizabeth Bennet and Mr Darcy .

all these pictures are from a movie made based on her novel . i freaking love the movie .

so basically the story went like this ; it is about a girl from a family who lack of fortune , ELIZABETH BENNET meets her true love , a very wealthy but haughty man , MR DARCY . the Bennets family has 5 girls in the family and their mother , Mrs Bennet wish to marry all her daughters to a fine and agreeable man .  so when a wealthy man , Mr Bingley move into their neighborhood , her mother can't be more happier . 

Mr Darcy is indeed a close friend to Mr Bingley . a good looking , wealthy man but with an attitude that makes him very dislikable among the Bennet , especially to Elizabeth . Everyone knows that Mr Bingley has fallen in love with Elizabeth's older sister , Jane but she is hiding her true feelings to him . Elizabeth thinks that Jane should be more braver and confess to Bingley or she can face the risk of losing her love . 


however , Mr Darcy has somehow grow an affection towards Elizabeth and started to be attracted to her . one day , Mr Bingley's sister invited Jane to have dinner at their place . Jane rides to their house and gets soaking wet and finally fell sick . Elizabeth has to stay at the Bingley's to nurse Jane . at that time , Mr Darcy is getting more attracted to her but Elizabeth simply assume him as being a jerk for staring at her . 

i really love this part . 

as the story goes , Mr Collins , Mr Bennet closest relative come for a visit and propose a suggestion that if they want to keep the house ( he is supposedly to inherit the house after Mr Bennet's house) , he wants to marry one of his daughters . he actually has a keen interest in marrying Elizabeth. 

the militia arrives at the town and all the Bennet's girls are excited to mingle with any military officer they may have encounter in the town . Elizabeth meets Mr Wickham who seems to instantly befriends her . Mr Wickham tells her the story about how he loses his life opportunities . all blames to Mr Darcy . so one day , the Bennets are invited to a ball at Mr Bingley's mansion where Elizabeth is hoping to dance with Mr Wickham . however , Mr Wickham is absent and she ended up dancing with Mr Darcy instead . 

the following morning , Mr Collins propose to Elizabeth which she rejects . but not long after the proposal , Charlotte , Elizabeth's best friend tells her that she is marrying Mr Collins who she once rejects . Elizabeth is shocked to hear such news but Charlotte tells her that she is just an spinster who has nothing in her life and this proposal is a life changing to her . at least she has her own house rather than living with her parents forever . 

so one day , Jane receives a letter . the letter contains a news from Miss Bingley , saying that the entire Bingley group has left London . she also states in the letter that Mr Bingley is really in love with Darcy's sister . poor Jane feeling heartbroken by the letter . still , she goes to london with her uncle and aunt with hope of winning Bingley's heart . 

Elizabeth pays a visit at Charlotte and finds that she is happy with her new life . during her visits , Lady Catherine invited her for dinner . Lady Catherine is the aunt of Darcy . She interrogates Elizabeth to the third degree and luckily she are able to handle it well . When Darcy arrives , he and Elizabeth engage in more witty banter and Darcy constantly goes to Charlotte's house , unfortunately , confuses everyone because he never stay longer than 10 minutes and he doesn't even seems excited . Elizabeth sooner learn about Darcy is the culprit who intervene Bingley when he want to propose to Jane and her hatred towards him become stronger . and unfortunately , Mr Darcy choose to propose to her after she found out the truth . 

when he propose to her , she refuse to accept his love and explain her anger are caused by Wickham's story about him and his intervention in Jane's love life . the next day , Mr Darcy gives Elizabeth a letter , with complete explanation about Wickham who once tried to elope with his own sister and his intervention in Jan'es love life for he is convinced that Jane didn't love Bingley , he is just trying to save his friend . after reading the letter , Elizabeth has come to realize that she has mistakenly judging Darcy and she regretted her action . 

Lydia , her youngest sister , is invited to come along the officer to their next station , Brighton . Elizabeth doesn't agree with the plan but her father allow Lydia to go . Elizabeth then followed her aunt and uncle on a trip to Derbyshire . She soon found out that this is the place where Mr Darcy lives . They decide to take a tour in his estate in Pemberley and Elizabeth only agree to come along when she know that Mr Darcy is not around . Unexpectedly  , they bumped into Mr Darcy who suprisingly is very polite with her aunt and uncle . he even introduce Elizabeth to his younger sister . 
One day , Elizabeth received a bad news regarding Lydia who apparently has run off with Wickham . they all try to track down both of them in order to save their family . When Lydia tells Elizabeth that Darcy was at her wedding , she seems to believe that there's something she doesn't know and she wrote a letter to her aunt for further explanation . 
she learns from her aunt's letter that it is Mr Darcy who finds Lydia And Wickham and pays Wickham debts in order he must marry Lydia . And he also explain to Bingley about Jane . Bingley then finally propose to Jane and Jane accepts his proposal . not long after , Lady Catherine pays her a sudden visit and ask her if Darcy did propose to her and if he did , she must rejected it . She says that Darcy has been destined to marry her daughter instead . Elizabeth doesn't approve of her order for she believe that Lady Catherine has no right to tell her what to do . the next morning , Elizabeth and Darcy meets . Darcy confess again to Elizabeth and she also feels the same way . Finally , they both meet Elizabeth's father to ask for blessings and they are finally united . 


source : HERE :)

p/s : this is my version of P&P summary . so if i have any wrongs , please let me know :)

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